Q: How many runs are there going to be?

A: We're working with an open concept. Define your own destiny. So find the path of least resistance, or greatest resistance. Feeling energetic? You can still hike up to take "The Face"

Q: I heard we can expect to ride gondolas with heated seats to take us up the hill this year. Is that true?

A: We're excited about the new tow we're bringing in from Europe that will be able to move over 400 people per hour up the 750ft tow line to a 180ft elevation. Personally transported by way of paddle, a more robust version of the old "bunny hill" tow. You are more than welcome to bring your own Heatpackets for your backpockets for the heated seat experience though!

Q: What is the name of the company that has decided to do all this to get the hill started again?

A: No company here, just good company. The BIG BAM Ski Hill is a volunteer driven non-profit group of individuals who see the value in having a nearby winter recreational site.

Q: Oh What!? No Tbar? Not all the way up? No luxury chalet? Big Bam was such a great hill! This isn't even going to compare!

A: You're right. It is what you make it.

Over a decade ago at its peak, years before the hill closed, it took a very long time to build and develop to the attraction of what many of us remember it to have been. There were many dedicated volunteers, and lots of local interest, support and exposure.

And until as recently as this summer, there was 30ft high brush, trees, huge crevaces, trashed abandoned cars and reckless dumping...The original T-Bar tow stood at the base all weathered and lonely...evidently a target of a shotgun exercise.
Depressing really.
BIG BAM was left as a past memory of good times for many of us. There are so many new families in the area now who never even knew a ski hill existed.

If you come with the same expectation we have of this hill, a place where kids are out there active during the winter having fun with their families and friends;
Then it will be awesome!

Q: There's talk of a Terrain Park.

A: Dude. ;)

Q: If we have to wear helmets in the Terrain Park you can suck it!

A: Due to the lack of funding for the planned Blunt Trauma and Head Laceration Facility, and on-site team of Neuro and Maxillofacial surgeons... helmets will be mandatory in the terrain park.
(Seriously. Give your head a shake before that's all you can do with it.) Read more about our Helmet Policy here.

Q: Will you have Rentals available?

A: YES! Thanks to Rossignol's support with their new equipment, and the building donation from N.P.S.S. Football Club and S.D.#60 we will proudly be offering ski and snowboard rentals again this season.

Q: Can't wait for opening day!! Will there be lessons available??

A: Lessons will be available this season starting in the new year as we establish our volunteers with CSIA Level 1 Training certification.

Q: BIG BAM was a big part of my winter life growing up. I'd like to see my own kids or grandkids gain the experience.
How can I get involved?

A: Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Let us know how you would like to contribute, donate or sponsor. Your time is a valuable contribution too and we're looking for First Aid Certified volunteers to help operate the tow lift, coach ski / snowboard lessons, maintenance, etc.

Visit our Volunteer page and come be a part of creating the next Big Bam!

Q: How would I offer feedback?

A: Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Taylor, BC

Partly cloudy Humidity: 67%
Wind: WSW at 33.80 km/h
-1°C / 2°C
-9°C / -1°C
-10°C / 2°C
-6°C / -1°C

Current Ski Conditions...

skier grey 01The Big Bam Ski Hill is currently closed. Keep in touch with the latest information right here or on Facebook.

Hours of Operation

The ski hill is open for winter recreation during the winter snow months:

THURSDAY 4pm-9pm

FRIDAY 4pm-9pm

SATURDAY 9am-9pm

SUNDAY 9am-6pm

*Skiing closed at temperatures below -25C.

Contact us for availablility during off season.