TERRAIN PARK: Helmets are mandatory by law when using Terrain Park facilities

SNOWBOARDS: Helmets are mandatory by Big Bam Ski Hill safety policy when using a snowboard.

STAFF/VOLUNTEERS: Helmets are mandatory for staff and volunteers using the facilities

EVERYONE ELSE: Help inspire our youth.

Nobody else enforces a helmet policy. Why should BIG BAM be any different. As a small start-up hill BIG BAM can't risk losing patrons due to an uncommon helmet policy.

We're not about following others. This hill was re-built by leaders in the community, volunteers and donations of local businesses. All fueled by the desire to give their children, and grandchildren a nearby location to safely enjoy a popular winter activity with their friends and families. We aim for our children to think safe, and be safe. Growing up knowing a helmet is just part of their gear, without question.

Don't get us wrong, we don't think we're leading a revolutionary change to the industry. We're just doing what we think is right for our hill. Our children are our focus, and we don't try to pretend we're anything more than a great place for beginners or the casual rider. We're encouraging others to challenge themselves, and with that comes risk.

We're looking to inspire safe behaviours, and to help with that there are some individuals that require a mandatory policy to assist in their personal decision making.

Do some internet searches and you'll find a variety of helmet policies are rolling out everywhere.

BC, Canada, US, World-wide.

I am an adult, I should have the right to chose. Can I sign a waiver?

Mandatory or not. Big Bam asks that, as an adult, you to chose to help inspire our youth and encourage safe behaviours. It is unfortunate, but there are enough insecure individuals out there who would rather risk veggie state for a chance not to mess up their hair.

Helmets are Lame!

Take the wrong hit, with any kind of force to an unprotected head...we'll see who is lame...Literally.

Our intention is not to have people find the answer on our hill. With your help, nobody has to find out elsewhere either.

Helmets should be based on experience level.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is to be the judge of "good enough"? The cocky teen that things they rock? The insecure individual that is putting on a front?
  • Do we want a naked skull to be a status symbol?
  • Do we really want to set a policy of "If you're awesome you don't have to?".
  • Do we really want to equate Helmet = Newbie?

Truth be told. The best snowboarders you will ever see; wear their helmets, and not because they have to. They don't need some law, or a mandatory policy, or the ski patrol to tell them that they need to wear a helmet. 

They swear by them....because in their experience, they know exactly why they wear a helmet. They've seen, done, and experienced enough incidents that make it far too obvious.

I'm not in the Terrain Park. Why do I still have to wear a helmet and the skiers don't?

It's a matter of physics and priorities in risk. Should a skier catch an edge, their fall would be sideways. Legs have the freedom to react quickly, to regain balance, or minimize the velocity. Impact points would be absorbed by hip, arms, shoulder first and allow the body to move into a roll.

A snowboard catches a front/toe edge, and full speed and weight of body is driven head first into the ground. Legs and Boards are known to fold over and hit the rider in the back of the head. Wrists/Arms may be there to absorb impact from your face, but at least you can walk away with a broken arm. You can try to tuck and roll, but good luck protecting your head....and that's not a natural habit for one to react quickly enough to.

A snowboard catches a back/heel edge, and all force is again driven head first into the ground. Tailbone, Back will painfully absorb some impact, and again arms will be the reactive response but a feable attempt. The back of the head however is prime for a heavy-weight bludgeoning.

Inspiring Safety? Then skiers should also be required to wear helmets.

Agreed. Our challenge this year is a limited supply of helmets in the rental shop and local sports stores. Based on priority of risk as described in the previous question, we want to focus first on the high-risk categories and give them a better chance of having equipment available to them.

Skiers are still very strongly encouraged to help inspire others and also wear helmets as there is still a clear risk of head injury to skiers.

It's just a matter of preference. If I had kids I would make them wear a helmet too, but I just don't.

Understood. Be safe out there.

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